Stars Of The Lid

Avec Laudenum

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REISSUED ON VINYL!!! The Avec Laudenum originally released on the Belgian Sub Rosa label in 2000 from cosmic sound explorers ADAM WILTZIE and BRIAN McBRIDE. Recorded via mail between the home ports of Chicago and Austin, the record is a hypnotic foray into the realm of drones, drifts and dreams. Groovy, brilliant and transcedent.

Stars Of The Lid: Avec Laudenum

The Atomium - Part One Stars Of The Lid 5'32''
The Atomium - Part Two Stars Of The Lid 10'43''
The Atomium - Part Three Stars Of The Lid 6'16''
Dust Breeding (1.316) Stars Of The Lid 9'08''
I Will Surround You Stars Of The Lid 10'28''

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