Eject Your Mind

Static Music sm 004
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Hanno was writing for the Sonar Kollektiv for some time, producing a couple of 12"s for the label and establishing himself as the crunchiest, deepest member of the crew. Optimising his Berlin studio for collaborative work, Hanno got together with some friends and made the kind of pop album that we had always found irresistible. Vocals contributed from Tarwater's Ronald Lippok and from the sultry Justine Elektra, dub in effect production and some killer melodies, 'Eject Your Mind' was released in February 2002.

Static: Eject Your Mind

Cruising Static 7'37''
Headphones (Starring Ronald Lippok) Static 5'05''
Tsim Sha Tsui Static 6'17''
A Black Of Dirty White Static 5'33''
Resonance (Static Remix) Static 7'35''
Northrop Static 7'00''
Sometimes I'm Sad For A Few Seconds Static 6'42''
Spawn Static 6'27''
Resistance (Static Remix) Static 6'49''
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