Talking About Memories

Static Music sm 006
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Hanno Leichtmann's third album under the Static moniker is a perfect pop-album for all seasons. Together with his infamous collaborators Ronald Lippok, Christof Kurzmann, Lars Rudolph and Martin Siewerts, he pushes electronica onto the next level. Featuring a coverversion of The Assembly's classic "Never Never".

Static: Talking About Memories

Return Of She Static 5'56''
One After 808 Static 4'29''
A Song For You Static 4'48''
Never Never Static 5'46''
Shift, Smash, Surge, Swell Static 4'40''
Point Of Hope Static 6'12''
Colours In Patches Static 4'22''
Synch & Sake Static 6'41''
The Moon Had A Crack Static 4'13''

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