Emperor Tomato Ketchup

1972 IF 09
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Stereolab’s fourth full-length, Emperor Tomato Ketchup marked the point where the band evolved from a purely underground phenomenon to an important pop group capable of selling albums while keeping their hipness and integrity intact. At the time of its release, it was simultaneously their most experimental and most accessible release, with the deliberate raw textures of earlier works replaced by a more polished vibe. The album was also their greatest success to date both commercially and critically, and remains a consensus favorite even now.
"Stereolab released countless singles, EPs, and full-lengths during the 1990s, but Emperor Tomato Ketchup remains their most definitive and recommended statement. For a group that reveled in resurrecting Continental obscurity, from Neu! to Krzysztof Komeda, Emperor Tomato Ketchup sounded wholly futuristic and alien." - Pitchfork

Stereolab: Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Metronomic Underground Stereolab 7'54''
Cybele's Reverie Stereolab 4'42''
Percolator Stereolab 3'47''
Les Yper-Sound Stereolab 4'05''
Spark Plug Stereolab 2'29''
OLV 26 Stereolab 5'42''
The Noise Of Carpet Stereolab 3'05''
Tomorrow Is Already Here Stereolab 4'56''
Emperor Tomato Ketchup Stereolab 4'37''
Monstre Sacre Stereolab 3'44''
Motoroller Scalatron Stereolab 3'48''
Slow Fast Hazel Stereolab 3'53''
Anonymous Collective Stereolab 4'32''

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