A Short Album About Murder

Morr Music morr 015 cd
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after having misspent his youth fronting several indie guitar bands, arne van petegem (antwerp, belgium) finally made the right decision and swapped his guitar for a sampler and sequencer.

styrofoam quickly started a relationship with morr music and started recording his debut album in the isolated confinements of his home studio. In the meantime styrofoam also started doing his first live outings, supporting mira calix amongst others.

'the point_misser' (lp/cd, mm010), the styrofoam debut album on morr music, was released early june 2000 to general acclaim. the album being a collection of eight wonderful and melancholy-drenched tracks of moody electronica, keeping a delicate balance between sparse melodies and distorted beats.

rather than being a fully fledged follow up, this new collection of seven thematically linked styrofoam tracks is more of an interlude, a little something to keep you warm until spring arrives. ‘a short album about murder’ contains a mixture of instrumental moodiness and, surprisingly, some full on vocal tracks. drawing inspiration from a multitude of books and movies, styrofoam’s new release once again features a very strong narrative content, reaching its high point on the outright cinematic ‘if you tell me the truth I will kill you’.

no matter how careful you are, there's going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn't experience it all. there's that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should've been paying attention. (chuck palahniuk, invisible monsters)

Styrofoam: A Short Album About Murder

No Matter What Styrofoam 5'51''
Snowblind Styrofoam 2'56''
It's Just That We Don't Show It Styrofoam 6'28''
Bad Night Is Falling Styrofoam 3'26''
If You Tell Me The Truth I Will Kill You Styrofoam 4'56''
There Is No Rest Styrofoam 4'23''
By Anybody Else I Mean You Styrofoam 9'13''

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