Sudden Weather Change

Stop! Handgrenade in the Name of Crib Death 'nderstand?

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Sudden Weather Change are a five-piece rock band from Reykjavík. Their sound has been likened to the sound of bands like Sonic Youth, Pavement, Polvo and countless other 90's alt-rock bands from the U.S. Stop! Handgrenade... is their first full length album and contains 13 juicy, guitar heavy songs. The band has been together for 3 years and released a home-made EP in late 2007 by themselves, which sold out after a short, but successful tour in France. Sudden Weather Change have been glorified by the icelandic music press recently, who have hailed their crazy, loud and astounding live shows, with Morgunblaðið (Iceland's oldest and most respected newspaper) naming them the most promising band of 2009, when predicting the year in music. Stop! Handgrenade has recieved good reviews since it's release and the album's first single, St. Peters Day, has been getting good radio airplay in Iceland. The album will be released all over Europe and the U.S. in september on CD and 2x colored vinyl.
"one of the most refreshing new bands around"
- Sean Adams, Drowned in Sound
"Sudden Weather Change recall the prime of Sunny Day Real Estate or Cap'n Jazz" - Amy Phillips,
"Our favourite band at the Iceland Airwaves festival, Sudden's youthful verve and fine taste for the bizarre ("Oh my God, I hate Nicholas Cage") have kept us listening a month later." - Henry Barnes,

Sudden Weather Change: Stop! Handgrenade in the Name of Crib Death 'nderstand?

Kilgore Trout III Sudden Weather Change 4'55''
1.6 Facilitate Access Sudden Weather Change 4'00''
Beatlemania Sudden Weather Change 5'04''
St. Peter's Day Sudden Weather Change 3'43''
Matrix Sudden Weather Change 4'33''
Black Lung Sudden Weather Change 3'40''
Pray Mode Sudden Weather Change 7'06''
Ampeg! Sudden Weather Change 1'49''
Kajaks Sudden Weather Change 5'25''
Vagina Bleeding Sudden Weather Change 2'39''
Team Explosion Dolphin Sudden Weather Change 4'41''
Metanite Sudden Weather Change 7'02''
She Was a Cheerleader Sudden Weather Change 6'34''

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