Sun Ra

The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra 1

ESP Disk ESP1014
  • LP : Ltd. green vinyl, 180gr vinyl!
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The astonishing sessions that went light years beyond "free jazz" improvisation to create a music of deeply-felt, explosive and gentle gesture made from sound itself without reference to previous notions of melody or harmony are now issued in a special 50th Anniversary 1000-copy limited edition on Esperanto-green 180-gram vinyl with Sun Ra’s original, self-created cover art. Recorded by Richard Alderson on April 20, 1965, this set of tunes finds Sun Ra breaking ground by using synthesizers and having the Arkestra musicians double on percussion.


Pat Patrick: Baritone, Percussion (except “Other Worlds”)
John Gilmore: Tenor, Tympani (“Heliocentric”, “Of Heavenly Things”)
Marshall Allen: Picolo, Alto, Bells, Spiral Cymbal (“The Cosmos”)
Ronnie Boykins: Bass
Teddy Nance: Trombone
Jimhmi Johnson: Percussion (“Other Worlds” ,”The Cosmos”), Tympani (“The Cosmos”)
Robert Cummings: Bass Clarinet, Wood Blocks
Chris Capers: Trumpet
Bernard Pettaway: Bass Trombone
Danny Davis: Flute, Alto (Ensemble)
Sun Ra: Bass Marimba, Electronic Celeste, Piano, Tympani (“Outer Nothingness”)

Sun Ra: The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra 1

Heliocentric Sun Ra
Outer Nothingness Sun Ra
Other Worlds Sun Ra
The Cosmos Sun Ra
Of Heavenly Things Sun Ra
Nebulae Sun Ra
Dancing In The Sun Sun Ra

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