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For Record Store Day 2013 Immune presents the Landscape of Open Eyes 7”, a split 7” featuring film music inspired atmospheres and organic lamentations from Swedish musician Erik Enocksson aka Lakes of Grass and Gold and Norwegian musician Erik Skodvin aka Svarte Greiner. Limited to only 700 copies for the world the 7” is packaged in a full color jacket and includes a free download coupon.
Lakes of Grass and Gold is Swedish musician Erik Enocksson. Enocksson has released albums on Kning Disk and has scored the soundtracks for the films Farväl Falkenberg, Man tänker sitt, and Apan. He is currently working on the score for Paul Wright’s debut film on Warp Films. It was while working on the music for Apan that Lakes of Grass and Gold was born. The music for Apan was all synthetic sounds and walls of distortion. Enocksson wanted to try and blend his “traditional” instrumentation (reed organ, nylon stringed guitar, voice) with the walls of distortion and see where he ended up. The songs presented on this 7” are the first recordings under the Lakes of Grass and Gold monicker and are a two part lamentation over love and nature.
Svarte Greiner is the work of Norwegian musician Erik Skodvin. Skodvin is a member of the long running duo Deaf Center (with Otto A. Totland) as well as the new group B/B/S/ (with Aidan Baker and Andrea Belfi). Svarte Greiner has released albums on Type, Digitalis and SMTG over the past nine years. The song on this 7” is an experiment with stuttering cello and guitar soundscapes.

Svarte Greiner / Lakes of Grass and Gold: Landscape of Open Eyes

Strands of Grass Wake Lakes of Grass and Gold 2'17''
Lament Lakes of Grass and Gold 4'49''
Lightning Cut Svarte Greiner 4'59''

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