The Glowing Man

Mute Records LCDSTUMM389
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  • 3LP : Includes Download, Gatefold Cover with Spot-Gloss & Embossing, incl. Poster
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The final album by the Swans. Finally, Peace.

"Clocking in at nearly two hours, The Glowing Man is a chock-a-block song cycle stuffed with concepts, textures, and ideas in which a prevailing air of anxiety is conveyed through arduous slow-burn structures. A rattling rollercoaster of dread, the album moves from moments of peaceful contemplation to pummeling drone-metal ferocity to rococo sonic disorder" (slantmagazine.com)

Swans: The Glowing Man

Cloud Of Forgetting Swans
Cloud Of Unknowing Swans
The World Looks Red - The World Looks Black Swans
People Like Us Swans
Frankie M Swans
When Will I Return Swans
The Glowing Man Swans
Finally, Peace Swans

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