Terence Fixmer

Beneath The Sky EP

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Terence Fixmer goes Beneath The Skin on his first solo release on Ostgut Ton. There's few names that have left their mark on electronic music throughout time like Terence Fixmer did. The French producer has been releasing music since 1993 most notably under his own name, but also with his music wise wide-ranging alter egos Eisbär, Cyborg, Gemini 9, Scanner and – together with Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy – as Fixmer / McCarthy. It’s thanks to people like him that Electronic Body Music eventually traversed towards contemporary club contexts and now remains being a defining part of dancefloors in general, or a

Klubnacht in particular. By combining the aesthetics of EBM, Electro and Industrial music with the rhythmics of Techno, Fixmer coined and occupied his very own musical niche as a producer and live act.

Terence Fixmer: Beneath The Sky EP

beneath_the_skin Terence Fixmer
trace to nowhere Terence Fixmer
devil may care Terence Fixmer
immersion Terence Fixmer

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