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Formed in mid-1990's and late 1990's respectively, KRIEG and THE BODY met in the mid 2000's, being different sonically but sharing a bleak world view and inspirations musically far outside of the genre of metal. When NEILL JAMESON (sole constant member of KRIEG) showed up to MACHINES WITH MAGNETS with only a acoustic guitar and a few pedals, members of THE BODY knew the collaboration would be something really different. Written and recorded during the long sessions of both Christs, Redeemers (THRILL JOCKEY) & I Shall Die Here (RVNG), the end result is a blackened industrial crush of noise and anguish.

Noise, dirge, triggered percussion w/ Kings screeches and Jameson's growls take the audience to the BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE, BOTTOM OF THE RIVER. Crawling booms, chimes, roars, and moans to static plodding low-end and hopelessness moves to industrial tones, accusing roars. Erie keys, wails of misery lead to brief period of sonic chaos and pure madness. Madness leads the listener lumbering down the final path, complete with discordant percussion, electronic beeps, forlorn screams, cavernous blows, and ending in the sounds of the otherworldliness!

The whole package is completed by the amazingly realistic charcoal drawings and design of Jason Bartell (also of FANG ISLAND fame).

The Body & Krieg: Collaboration

Bottom of the Bottle, Bottom of the River The Body & Krieg
Carved out and Caved In The Body & Krieg
Fracture The Body & Krieg
Celebrate Your Shame The Body & Krieg
Never Worth Your Name The Body & Krieg
Gallows The Body & Krieg
A Failure Worth Killing Yourself For The Body & Krieg
The Final Nail The Body & Krieg

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