Speak Your Mind Speak

Sinnbus SR046_2CD
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Berlin based duo, The/Das introduce their unique brand of 'techno tenderness' with their forthcoming EP Speak Your Mind Speak, which will be released on 26th April 2013 via Sinnbus.
On Speak Your Mind Speak, The/Das wield the electronic avant-pop sensibilities of Matthew Dear with an understated melodic charm akin to Darkstar and create something that's laid back and intriguing.
Opening track "Have No Fear" is the perfect dancefloor comedown number whilst "Keep This" is hypnotic and trancelike. "Hope And Air" and "Colin" are beautiful and dreamy with "Colin" expertly blending elements of post rock and dub. And finally "It's True" with its demure tenderness. The/Das are heralding the way for a new wave of alluring techno-tinged pop.
The/Das first sprung to life in 2012 with their Fresh Water EP, released on Italy's cutting edge dance label Life And Death. Collaborating with Life And Death's Tale Of Us - one of the world's hottest techno acts - they released two remixes for Me And My Drummer that caught the attention of the press and their peers all over Europe. Off the cuff, with these tracks The/Das presented a remarkable draft of laid-back, reserved, highly impelling techno music with love for every detail.
The/Das duo Fabian Fenk and Anton K. Feist have previously played together with Bodi Bill. As Bodi Bill, the band released four albums together and built a considerable fan base in their native Germany and abroad.
With the release of their debut EP Speak Your Mind Speak, The/Das prove to be one of the leaders and innovators of their genre, showcasing their pop sensibilities as they did with Bodi Bill yet with an edgy toned down vibe making them an exciting prospect for 2013.

The/Das: Speak Your Mind Speak

It's True The/Das 4'04''
Hope And Air The/Das 3'04''
Keep This The/Das 5'26''
Have No Fear The/Das 4'35''
Colin The/Das 4'55''

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