The Lines

Flood Bank

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While Memory Span compiled the bands singles and EPs, Flood Bank contains the band’s two LPs, Therapy and Ultramarine.

When listening to Memory Span, you can hear a progression as the band develops their songwriting and production. On these LPs, while the songwriting is as strong as anything on Memory Span, you hear the results of their further explorations in sound, production and process. One key change was, as singer/guitarist/trombonist Rico says in one of two vintage interviews included in the liner notes, “What’s happened is the focus has gone from me as song-writer and focal point. Now songs start as a rhythm and Joe and Nick, then me and Mick overdub melody and noise.” This results in music with an acute sense of atmosphere and rhythm, a sublime sense of space with a refined subtletly. However dig just below the surface and many of the qualities that made Memory Span such a hit remain; infectious melodies, angsty guitar, funky rhythms, and songs that will get into your brain and stay there.

The Lines: Flood Bank

Come Home The Lines 5'28''
Stripe The Lines 6'03''
Airlift The Lines 6'02''
Blow A Kiss The Lines 3'24''
Instincticide The Lines 3'46''
Bucket Brigade The Lines 5'09''
Tunnel Party The Lines 5'24''
Ursa Major The Lines 4'16''
The Landing The Lines 6'09''
The Gate The Lines 3'49''
Have A Heart The Lines 3'36''
No Hiding The Lines 2'55''
Flood Bank The Lines 5'45''
Fury The Lines 4'46''
Ultramarine The Lines 5'10''
Disenchanted The Lines 3'31''

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