The Notwist


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  • 2LP: 2015 Reissue, incl. Insert
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"12" is the third album by The Notwist, released in 1995. It marked the transition between the earlier, punk/metal oriented albums "The Notwist" and "Nook" compared to the later, electronica/lap-pop albums "Shrink" and "Neon Golden". It's considered as THE bridge to the new sound of the band.

The Notwist: 12

Torture Day The Notwist ''
My Phrasebook The Notwist ''
Puzzle The Notwist ''
M The Notwist ''
Noah The Notwist ''
My Faults The Notwist ''
The String The Notwist ''
Instr. The Notwist ''
12 The Notwist ''

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