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Judging by the massive success of THE ORB's latest longplayer MOONBUILDING 2703 AD (KOMPAKT 330 CD 124) with critics and fans alike, we're not the only ones who can't get enough of the trippy electronica from pioneers Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann - which is why we were truly thrilled to welcome the duo on the 2016 instalment of our POP AMBIENT compilation series with the joyously meandering cut ALPINE DAWN. However, this was only one piece of a psychedelic puzzle, with the full ALPINE trilogy now getting the attention it deserves. Spiritually and texturally akin to ALPINE DAWN, ALPINE MORNING starts off with actual cowbells and looping synth pads, changing lanes several times and introducing a relaxed downbeat flavor mid-track. This serves as an ideal primer for centerpiece ALPINE EVENING, which comes comfortably grounded in a heavy-duty rhythm section reminiscent of classic Kompakt stomp.

The Orb: Alpine

Alpine Morning The Orb
Alpine Evening The Orb
Alpine Dawn The Orb

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