The Passenger

Negative Object EP

More Than Human MTH001
  • EP: Includes download, Hot foiled sleeve with wraparound high gloss UV decal, ltd. numbered 300 copies
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Occupying a uniquely woozy and acid-tinged zone, Jesse Creed, AKA THE PASSENGER, uses a potent musical alchemy to guide us through a foggy dreamscape of half-seen landscapes and out into the light. The NEGATIVE OBJECT EP comprises four new tracks that unfold like a party in reverse: the journey begins with the wistful, yearning regret of ‘Heart(s) Faded’ and onwards with the broken machine chug of ‘Negative Object’; then the fluid sci-fi swagger of ‘A Stream Past The Meadow’ builds into the midnight acid of ‘Summer Moon’.

The Passenger: Negative Object EP

Hearts Fade(d) The Passenger
Negative Object The Passenger
A Stream Past The Meadow The Passenger
Summer Moon The Passenger

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