The Range


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Potential is the new album from Brooklyn, NY producer James Hinton under his alias of The Range.

Hinton made the computer his primary instrument after falling under the spell of Baltimore club, bringing in his broader sonic influences from early ‘90s jungle, early ‘00s grime and mid ‘00s electronica to a new sonic whole. The software was the thing at home, but what excited the young producer was the network, and where he spiraled was YouTube. Potential uses as its backbone a series of vocal samples that Hinton has found in the deep corners of the site, guiding us around the hinterlands of YouTube, introducing us to unknown artists expressing themselves unfettered by the constraints of industry, lost in the infinite potential of an audience unknown.

The Range: Potential

Regular The Range
Copper Wire The Range
Florida The Range
Superimpose The Range
Five Four The Range
Falling Out of Phase The Range
No Loss The Range
Skeptical The Range
Retune The Range
So The Range
1804 The Range

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