The Seasons


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You might call it a bunch of musicians who just happen to cross paths and work on some tracks together, you might very well call it another supergroup as well …
Sam Rouanet: originally from Toulouse, he spent time in Chicago, London and Paris before he finally moved to Berlin. He runs the Techno/House imprint Trenton. As Reynold, he constantly produces, DJs and plays live shows all around the world, anywhere from Berlin to London, Shanghai to Tokyo, Paris to Mexico City. He originally is a guitar player. He last solo album (My Favourite Film) was released on Stewart Walker's Persona label. Together with Phil Stumpf, he also records as Duplex 100.
Phil Stumpf: born in Germany, Phil was a member of the band Oh. on the MDZ label. 5 years ago, he moved to Paris to become a doctor. He has known Sam Rouanet for roughly 10 years. He is a well known DJ and producer with releases on labels like Moon Harbour and Trenton. Together with Sam Rouanet, he also records as Duplex 100.
James Sindatry: very well known and active member of the Paris-music scene. A double bass player, he plays in many bands & projects, doing anything from Jazz, electronic to African style music.
Jacques Rouanet: Sam Rouanet's father is a well known French jazz musician. A piano player by profession, he toured the world several times Alberto Cortez.
Rob Mazurek: Cornet player Mazurak is the mind behind Chicago Underground and The Exploding Star Orchestra, has played with Sam Prekop, Isotope 217, Tortoise, Pan American and Stereolab. He is also a visual artist, a living legend.
If the biographies of The Season's members are like road movie, the very same project is their safe haven. Rouanet & Stumpf were working on their project Duplex 100, running the famous "Minimal Dancin"-nights at the Nouveau Casino in Paris, when they decided to start another band to act as a counterbalance to the very digital, dancefloor-serving material they were doing at the time. Their aim: no boundaries. The core: beautiful music. James Sindatry joined them. Sam's father did some features. While living in Chicago, Sam had played in AUFM (Alien Unknown Funk Mob) and had met Rob Mazurek, who was more than happy contribute as well. Recorded over innumerous sessions, "Undone" finally got done earlier this year. Merging beautiful acoustic instruments with high tech electronics, "Undone" makes the individual talents of musicians shimmer, the chords vibrating, the beats earthshaking.

The Seasons: Undone

Capital The Seasons 6'51''
Out There The Seasons 7'46''
Rayon Vert The Seasons 7'57''
Guacha The Seaons 6'24''
Discord The Seasons 6'02''
Trois The Seasons 6'49''
Minimio The Seasons 6'41''
Tsu City The Seasons 5'30''
Picto The Seasons 5'32''

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