Finding Comfort In Overwhelming Negativity

Handmade Birds HB-047 CD
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Lee M. Bartow is a revered pillar of the modern noise movement. He turned heads in the 90s with his Navicon Torture Technologies project and also founded the Annihilvs Power Electronix label. Theologian has released material on the incomparable Crucial Blast Records.

"...creating blackened shades of beauty out of elements harsh and hateful, abject and bleak...the tracks creep, and crawl, and drift, thrumming and pulsing softly, wreathed in sheets of grit and grime, but always glowing from within, the melodies like buried black secrets. Occasionally... the sound becomes super blown out and corrosive, an ultradistorted blacknoise, that for all it's corrosive clamor, remains somehow, if not lovely, at least haunting and mysterious, while other tracks take unlikely elements, and again, weave them into something strangely beautiful, but still undeniably pitch black. Dark and mysterious and troublingly lovely, some seriously intense power electronics flecked black ambience, most definitely recommended..." Aquarius Records

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