Thomas Brinkmann

What You Hear (Is What You Hear)

Editions Mego eMego204CD
  • 2LP : Gatefold Sleeve
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Thomas Brinkmann is renowned for audio works that hover amongst forms such as techno, minimalism and ambient. Alongside such pioneering works as ‘Klick’, ‘Variations’ and last years duo with Oren Ambarchi ‘The Mortimer Trap’, ‘What You Hear (Is What You Hear)’ Brinkmann moves further to separate his art, not only from descriptive musical terms that oppress creative output, but also removing the individual or the notion of an author from the act of creation. The 11 tracks on display form a series of self perpetuating rhythms which exist more as sound structures than any kind of traditional sound forms.

Any associations, emotions and reactions are purely in the reasoning of the listener as the artist makes a strong and deliberate move away from intent. This is a strident development in the conceptual thinking of Brinkmann’s solid career, one which places the listener simultaneously inside and outside objective parameters.

Dedicated to Zbigniew Karkowski

Thomas Brinkmann: What You Hear (Is What You Hear)

Ziegelrot Thomas Brinkmann
Kadmiumgelb Thomas Brinkmann
Indigoblau Thomas Brinkmann
Agent Orange Thomas Brinkmann
Purpurrot Thomas Brinkmann
Antimongelb Thomas Brinkmann
Mitisgrün Thomas Brinkmann
Perinon Thomas Brinkmann
Bleiweiss Thomas Brinkmann
Graphit Thomas Brinkmann
Oxidrot Thomas Brinkmann

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