The Sacrifice

Robotic Empire ROBO 111
  • EP: 180gr black Vinyl, Tip-On Jacket
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Five song 25 minutes 12"EP. Recorded at the same time as their "Heathen" album, but eschewing the crawl found on most of their long-players, THOU ups the tempo a bit for this brilliant release while retaining their well renowned doom and roar.

Several new bludgeoners ("New Orleans Is a Hole", "Pill" and "Eulogy") are joined with the masterful drone of "I Believe Because It Is Impossible" and, per usual, a ferocious NIRVANA cover, this time putting "I Hate Myself and I Want to Die" through THOU’s apocalyptic grinder.

Thou: The Sacrifice

New Orleans Is a Hole Thou
I Believe Because It Is Impossible Thou
Pill Thou
Eulogy Thou
I Hate Myself and I Want to Die Thou

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