Tiny Isles

The Long Seasoned Sleep

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  • CD: Incl. unique slide & vintage postcard
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Tiny Isles are:
Christopher Hipgrave - computers, manipulation, magnification...stuff like that
Ian Hawgood - synths, samples, electronic beats, guitars, singing, whacking, walloping...that kind of thing
Jason Corder - vibes, organic beats, tinkly stuff, you know...

and friends:
Ben Chatwin - massive guitars and big stuff
Antony Harrison - surprisingly twinkly string synths
Rie Mitsutake - vox, words, poetry
Erik Schoster - noise and tone aficionado

Mixed by Ian at some point in the past
Mastered by Taylor Deupree April-May 2013

Tiny Isles: The Long Seasoned Sleep

The Girl Beneath The Orange Tree Tiny Isles 3'59''
Berry-Bugs Fumble Tiny Isles 7'01''
The Drunken Uncles Tiny Isles 4'54''
Broken Suns Mend With Open Lights Tiny Isles 6'08''
Letters, Brittle Tiny Isles 4'00''
Thoughts Borrowed From Books Tiny Isles 4'44''
With Thanks, Petal Tiny Isles 4'49''
Into The Fire Tiny Isles 6'54''
Hand In Hand, Until The End Of Things We Called Our Own Tiny Isles 6'19''

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