To Rococo Rot

The Amateur View

City Slang SLANG50026LP
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Reissue of the 1999 album. 180g vinyl with the original tracklisting and a CD of the album plus bonus tracks.

To Rococo Rot: The Amateur View

I Am In The World With You To Rococo Rot 3'20''
Telema To Rococo Rot 3'40''
Prado To Rococo Rot 4'19''
A Little Asphalt Here And There To Rococo Rot 3'11''
This Sandy Piece To Rococo Rot 4'05''
Tomorrow To Rococo Rot 4'30''
Greenwich To Rococo Rot 3'51''
Cars To Rococo Rot 2'58''
She Loves Animals To Rococo Rot 4'12''
Die Dinge Des Lebens To Rococo Rot 4'56''
Das Blau Und Der Morgen To Rococo Rot 3'02''

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