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Cake sometimes comes in the most astonishing flavors. It can take a long time to refine the recipe, it takes its time until it is ready to be served. Properly. Touchy Mob and Tellavision certainly take the time they need to get things right, to make soon room for their ideas so they can learn to walk by themselves. Both define their distinct brews of songwriting and sound with every new bundle of songs released, steadily sharpen an own language, making words up along the way when they are needed. When both first met a year ago to share stages and a tiny car for a cross-country tour, a dynamic shaped itself that left listeners bedazzled and hungry. So here we are. During the last twelve months each of them had their own journey to handle and shows to play, but somehow another shared effort never seemed out of reach. Since they knew their music felt right side by side, the idea to take on a split ep in addition to going on tour again only seemed natural.
Cake was recorded this fall at Niedervolthoudini studio in Hamburg, three songs for each vinyl side, six tracks in total. Both Touchy Mob and Tellavision reworked a song from their catalogue and combined it with two previously unheard or unrecorded tracks.

Touchy Mob / Tellavision: Cake

Stones Touchy Mob 4'35''
Sexy Yirls Touchy Mob 5'57''
Foam Born Touchy Mob 5'03''
Million Tellavision 2'59''
Holidays On Earthquakes Tellavision 4'22''
Reserve The Past Tellavision 6'15''
Giardini Di Mirò Good Luck City Centre Offices
LP: 3,75 € 14,99 €
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Spinform Bryter Tystnaden Hobby Industries
CD: 3,50 € 13,99 €
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Wechsel Garland Dreams Become Things Strzelecki Books
LP: 4,50 € 17,99 €
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