Trans Am


Thrill Jockey Thrill 062-LP
  • LP: Includes download
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2011 Repress on Thrill Jockey!
On Trans Am's fourth full-length release, the instrumental trio from Washington, D.C., refine their particular convergence of rock-oriented guitar vocabularies and '80s-influenced electronica. While Philip Manley, Nathan Means, and Sebastion Thomson joyfully grind out aggressive rhythms with loud, whip-smart guitar chords, they are equally adept at creating an android-funk milieu with vintage synthesizers and modulated vocals. Borrowing heavily from the robotic sound of synthesizer groups such as Kraftwerk, Futureworld is a diverse musical project that accommodates modern technology as well as the need to thrash on guitars, bass, and drums.

Trans Am: Futureworld

1999 Trans Am 1'37''
Television Eyes Trans Am 5'04''
Futureworld Trans Am 7'03''
City In Flames Trans Am 3'55''
Am Rhein Trans Am 5'24''
Cocaine Computer Trans Am 4'10''
Runners Stand Still Trans Am 3'45''
Futureworld II Trans Am 3'50''
Positron Trans Am 6'17''
Sad And Young Trans Am 6'41''

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