Trans Am

Trans Am

Thrill Jockey Thrill 024-LP
  • LP: Includes download, 2017 repress, clear vinyl
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Trans Am’s 1995 self-titled debut is back on vinyl. Pressed on color vinyl for the first time (clear!) and packaged with a free download card.

Trans Am’s self-titled debut arrived under a flurry of speculation. With questions about their hometown, DC? Tacoma? Oberlin? Chapel Hill?, they found themselves the new young darlings of a burgeoning scene. They were three years in and had one seven inch to their credit when this debut was released.

Labeled post-rock by those who didn't know better, their songs were a combination of boggie style groove-think both ZZ Top, Tres Hombres and Isaac Hayes, Tough Guys- and Gary Numan's Tubeway Army crossed with the 1985 arcade game soundtrack. The songs fluctuate between spaced out casio driven excursions that peak and fall in the most unlikely of places and guitar and bass anchored jams that lead to rock and roll heaven. One of the keys was that Trans Am employ a wide variety of budget model Casio keyboards whose demo settings and preprogrammed rhythm patterns provide an inspirational spark for songwriting. The record was recorded in part of Seb's parent's basement and during a two day marathon session at Idful Studios with John McEntire.

Trans Am: Trans Am

Ballbados Trans Am 3'28''
Enforcer Trans Am 1'31''
Technology Corridor Trans Am 50''
Trans Am Trans Am 2'21''
Untitled Trans Am 33''
Firepoker Trans Am 3'09''
A Single Ray Of Light On An Otherwise Cloudy Day Trans Am 1'29''
Prowler Trans Am 1'42''
Orlando Trans Am 4'41''
Love Affair Trans Am 1'21''
American Kooter Trans Am 8'49''

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