Tropic Of Cancer

Stop Suffering

Blackest Ever Black Blackest049
  • 12”: Includes download
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The new EP from Tropic of Cancer. It's the first music to emerge from Camella Lobo's project since the 2013 debut album, Restless Idylls, and features three new songs.

Unlike TOC music of old, these new songs feel less about surrender: even if the title track does seem to address the S-M dynamic at the heart of any high-stakes relationship.

This is not a record about loss, but about what comes after.. Eustis's bravura mixing wrings spine-melting effect out of each component, and the dubwise harnessing of space and bass pressure first showcased on Restless Idylls is now a defining feature of the band.

The hypnotic, monochord intensity that characterised TOC's previous records gives way here to a more concrete song-narrative - which serves only to heighten the sensation of drowned-world psychedelia.

Tropic Of Cancer: Stop Suffering

Stop Suffering Tropic Of Cancer
I Woke Up & The Storm Was Over Tropic Of Cancer
When The Dog Bites Tropic Of Cancer

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