The Blackout

Thrill Jockey Thrill 282-LP
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The Blackout is the first above ground release from Nicholas Bindeman’s Tunnels after a string of CDr and cassette releases. Tunnels is modern cold wave at it’s finest, combining jagged guitars, glistening synths and a driving bass line with Nick’s vocal work for some truly infectious dark pop. In addition to Tunnels Nick stays quite busy as a member of Eternal Tapestry and Jackie-O Motherfucker.
The first pressing of The Blackout is limited to only 500 LPs for the world, packaged in a full color jacket with free download coupon.

“Nick Bindeman represents the tendencies of the contemporary musician who embraces a creative multiple personality disorder with candor and ease, and comfortably eyes the mutating form of his own output with an ability to ride an ongoing rebirth of projects, both solo and collaborative.” - Impose

Tunnels: The Blackout

Crystal Arms Tunnels 3'32''
Volt 1979 Tunnels 2'25''
Deux Tunnels 2'34''
Without Light Tunnels 2'30''
Red Road Tunnels 3'47''
Magic Flowers Tunnels 2'20''
Solid Space Tunnels 3'57''
Dead Ringers Tunnels 2'10''
How I Hate You Tunnels 3'08''
Moon Bombs Tunnels 2'13''

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