Univers Zero

Univers Zero

Sub Rosa SR399V
  • 2LP: Gatefold Sleeve, Black Vinyl, incl. Bonus Tracks
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UNIVERS ZERO's 1977 debut album masterpiece re-released as 2LP set + bonus track.

Longstanding Belgian chamber rockers and avant-garde pioneers led by drummer/composer Daniel Denis, Univers Zero was formed in 1974 with co-composer and guitarist Roger Trigaux (who left the band in 1980). This is their first album recorded between the 2nd and the 5th of August 1977.

"The rhythmic energy and dissonant riffs, the distinctive sound of the bassoon and strings, and the tricky, fragmented time signatures make for a challenging and highly distinctive listening experience." (ALLMUSIC)

Univers Zero: Univers Zero

Ronde Univers Zero 15'13''
Carabosse Univers Zero 3'44''
Docteur Petiot Univers Zero 7'35''
Malaise Univers Zero 7'57''
Complainte Univers Zero 3'23''
La Faulx Univers Zero 28'08''

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