Useless Eaters

Bleeding Moon

Castle Face CF 042 LP
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Seth Sutton has been ripping the shit out of terse Telecaster-sharp riffs and Devo-indebted angular rhythms with Useless Eaters since dude was 18 years old. A young protégé of Jay Reatard, Sutton’s home-fried concoctions are sharp, corrosive mini-masterpieces that drive you to flick cigarettes and push strangers. Psycho-sexual, serrated vocals; thin, acidic guitars; rubbery bass and hot-to-tape traps lather the whole disc. Sutton delivers a really ripping crew of tunes this time around, kicking off with the supremely heavy “American Cars” and not letting up ’til the side break - these are glass-crunching gems with just the right amount of crud to cut your lip a little. A great alienated vibe flows throughout, along with some really sticky melodies, too. Going out under the neon tonight? Take this with you.

Useless Eaters: Bleeding Moon

American Cars Useless Eaters
Dungeon Useless Eaters
Out In The Night Useless Eaters
Proper Conduct Useless Eaters
Sitting On The Fault Line Useless Eaters
Hidden Fees Useless Eaters
Aftershock Useless Eaters
Bleeding Moon Useless Eaters
Retro Hoax Useless Eaters
Whip Useless Eaters
Simple Device Useless Eaters
Walking In Circles Useless Eaters

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