Nordic Flora Series Pt.3

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Gore-Tex City’ is Varg’s new album, and third in his Nordic Flora Series, marking a further and deeper sweep of his elements. Stealth dance floor assaults are layered with lobotomised, spoken word meetings in malls, and free-form electronics pepper acoustic bereavement motifs. It shifts from heavy to chronic as blown-speaker-rap stubs out cigarettes in gated techno enclosures.

Varg: Nordic Flora Series Pt.3

Champagne Ceremonies Varg
Yamanote Line Varg
Platforms Surrounded by Fences Varg
Forever 21 - Valium with Chloe Wise Varg
Red Line (114 Ostermalmstorg - 127 Varberg) Varg
I Hope You are Still There Varg
Blue Line (112 Radhuset) Varg
Fonus Varg
Snake City - Maserati music Varg
Red Line II (127 Satra C) Varg
Euros & Euros & Euros (EBG) Varg
Gore-Tex Varg
Stockholm City (Drottninggatan Sergels torg) Varg

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