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Between January and June of 2016, Home Normal hosted a series of shows featuring Clem Leek, Anna Rose Carter, The Sly and Unseen, Folk Reels, Directorsound, Stefano Guzzetti with Ensemble, Danny Norbury, Ian Hawgood, Christoph Berg, ISAN, A New Line (Related), Paco Sala, and R Elizabeth. Our final London show before we moved to Warsaw was held on the 10th of June 2016 in what proved to be a beautiful final night in London with our dear friends ASUNA, Stijn Hüwels, Dudal, James Murray, Hybernation.

To help fund the shows and help support the ongoing costs of running a label, artists very kindly created exclusive work for nicely minimal handmade CD(R)’s in very limited edition which we would give away on the night or sell before or after the shows. This has proved to be an invaluable support for the label, and we are thrilled to present the final of three CD(R)’s from our little season of shows.

Various Artists: 100616

Sea Shore And Sand Stars ASUNA 5'44''
Seabed Flows ASUNA 6'25''
A Kind Of A Path Stijn Hüwels 3'40''
Aisukuriimu Stijn Hüwels 9'57''
Kokoro Stijn Hüwels 4'58''
Suki Hybernation 5'14''
Second Sight (Glanced) James Murray 4'13''
Neither Me Nor The Honeybee Hüwels/Dudal 8'00''
Lullaby #1 Dudal 4'08''

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