Various Artists

A Tribute To Smog

Keplar keplar 009
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the idea to this cooperation of schinderwies productions and keplar formed in autumn 2002, when tripophon and __radio magenta played some shows together and both of them had a smog-coverversion in their program without knowing of each other. and these two tracks were even of the same smog-album: >red apple falls<. so the two labels could simply not resist releasing >i was a stranger< (tripophon) and >ex-con< (__radio magenta) on a 7"-split-single as >a tribute to smog<, one of the greatest songwriters of our time..
the two totally different ways of covering bill callahan make the production very charming. tripophon transport the original country-flair of >i was a stranger< by using pedal steel and the classic instrumentation … making everyone feel like being on a ranch and having nothing to do but sitting around and feel fine. __radio magenta transform >ex-con< to a playful electro-version, which gets the wonderful melody and the slacker-like words of the original in one mood so perfectly, that one could think this song has always been an electro-track.

Various Artists: A Tribute To Smog

Ex-Con Radio Magenta 4'06''
I Was A Stranger Tripophon 3'09''

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