Various Artists

Biologia Marina

Intervallo Intervallo 003
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First reissue of the amazing nature-themed series of libraries released in the first half of the 70s by labels Cardium, Chic, Nereide, Musical, Rhombus, Spring and Weekend. These are seven albums which have never been reissued, until now: real collector’s items which acquired the status of minor cult in the years. Biologia marina (originally released in 1973) features 12 tracks inspired by marine life – with a mood suspended between electronic music, avant-garde touches and underwater melodies. Tracks such as Correnti sottomarine, Acque tranquille, Subsuspense, Acquario or Bollicine, recorded well before certain ambient music experimentations, are among the most fascinating you can find in this library – one of the best Italian ones of that era.

The album features renowned composer Alessandro Alessandroni (also credited with his own alias: Braen), but also the outstanding contributions of two others: Rome-born Amedeo Tommasi (also with his alias Atmo), highly appreciated author of some excellent libraries; and Franco Tamponi, violinist, composer and conductor always crossing the line between classical music and marvellous soundtracks (such as the one for Mondo sexy di notte).This is science – auditory science – at its best...

Various Artists: Biologia Marina

Acquario A. Alessandroni
Bollicine A. Tommasi
Correnti Sottomarine A. Tommasi
Octopus Braen
Vita Abissale Braen
Acque Tranquille Atmo
Mostro Marino A. Alessandroni
Subsuspense F. Tamponi
Subsuspense (2° Versione) F. Tamponi
Stelle Marine F. Tamponi
Profondità F. Tamponi
Atlantic Atmo

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