Various Artists

Cargaa 3

Warp Records WAP380
  • EP : Includes Download
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The third of three compilations released by Warp in collaboration with Portugal's Principe crew, inspired by the amount of incredible young artists in and around Lisbon, an overview of an emerging genre and its evolving sounds. This project started nearly a year ago as a conversation between Warp and Principe in early 2014 that resulted in a plan to bring the Lisbon scene of brash, innovative dance music and allnight warehouse parties to a worldwide audience.

CARGAA is a popular slang term on the streets of Lisbon, especially amongst the city's thriving scene of young producers. They use it to describe their tracks and the expression can be found on their tracks' titles, social media comments or in mixes.

Taking polyrhythmic inspiration from the African diaspora and welding it intuitively to mutate contemporary club music, artists in the Principe collective have arrived at a startlingly new sound.

For fans of Daphni, Joy O, Kahn, Bok Bok, Dubbel Dutch.

LP in printed inner with 3mm spine sleeve.

Various Artists: Cargaa 3

Drena (feat. DJ Teklas) Various Artists
Dedicado Ao Dadifox e Edifox Various Artists
Buzizz Various Artists
Neusa (Afro Tra (Afro Trance) Various Artists
Familia Do Guetto Various Artists
Improooooo Various Artists

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