Various Artists

Decadubs 1 EP

Hyperdub HDB082
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Decadubs 1 is the first in a series of 12" singles celebrating 10 years of Hyperdub, starting off with Mala's epic 'Expected' a heady mix of thunderous drums and growling bass weight with emotive keys floating over the top, next up is DVA with a sedate bass heavy number that sounds as if it were recorded in a giant oil drum, showcasing a darker side to this producer normally absent from his more funky productions. On the flip we are treated to the lush Vangelis inspired 'Mtzpn' from Kuedo, a continuation of the sci fi inspired 'Severant' album from a few years back, glassy synth textures wrap them sounds around the rolling snares while they fire off into oblivion, and to close is Helix remixing Kode9's footwork inspired Xingfu Lu, taking the original and morphing it into a sleep deprived trap number, speeding up towards the end before snapping to a halt, come meditate on bass weight.

Various Artists: Decadubs 1 EP

Expected Mala
Technical Difficulties DVA
Mtzpn Kuedo
Xingfu Lu (Helix Remix) Kode9 and Helix

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