Various Artists

Dubs from the Arkives

Ark to Ashes ARK004
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The 4th Ark to Ashes release features various artists. 1st we have a collaboration between 2 of the Analog Room residents, Shadi Megallaa & Siamak Amidi. Up next are the Leftback boys, Michael McLardy & Dudley Strangeways. The A-side features a new project called APSE by Shadi Megallaa & Sasha Kaline of Alka Rex. Lastly the EP ends with The Linguini’s remix of Monotax which was previously released on Igloo Records.

Various Artists: Dubs from the Arkives

Conflux Apse
Speaker Head (Linguinis remix) Monotax
The Gyps (Dub) Shadi Megallaa & Siamak Amidi
Spacer Michael McLardy & Dudley Strangeways
Sin Fang Flowers Morr Music
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Nick Klein The Lonesome Dealer A L T E R
EP: €10,49 €13,99
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Le Millipede Le Millipede Alien Transistor
LP: €11,99 €15,99
CD: €10,49 €13,99
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