Various Artists

Knock Knock Who's Dead?

Kikimora Tapes KMT007
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Knock Knock Who's Dead is the first compilation to be released by Kikimora Tapes. With a predominance of Chicago, Berlin and Toronto-based artists, it?s a 60 minute mixtape of dark, blurry vibes, leading the listener through charred post-techno remains to dark noise and funereal ambient with no apologies along the way. Including contributions from Masker (Unfollow's new collaboration with Benoît Pioulard), Chicago heartthrob Beau Wanzer, Raster Noton alumnus Mitchell Akiyama, house-noir from Myster Eez, and a crushing track from Beppu.

Various Artists: Knock Knock Who's Dead?

Beau Wanzer - Whistle When You're Low. Various Artists
Spread Function - Mirrored Places. Various Artists
Myster Eez - Post Entity. Various Artists
Pagan Circuits- Coming Fall. Various Artists
TüTH - Unstable. Various Artists
Llarks - North Somerset. Various Artists
Mitchell Akiyama - With Rift. Various Artists
The North - The Deliverance Ov Aismal (W.H.) Various Artists
Beppu - Back and to the Left. Various Artists
Mimoid - In A River The Colour of Lead. Various Artists
Guy Dallas - Swollen Mitt. Various Artists
Windbreaker - Telemark Landing. Various Artists
Masker - Winnowing II. Various Artists

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