Various Artists

Strategies Against The Body Vol. 2

DKA Records DKA014
  • LP: Ltd. to 350 copies
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DKA presents the follow up to our 2015 synth compilation Strategies Against The Body! We’ve spent the last year compiling brand new tracks from our favorite working artists, veterans and newbies alike, to bring you the latest and greatest in synth music. Strategies Against The Body II pulls together DKA veterans XANDER HARRIS and TIFARET with new additions ANTICIPATION and PYRAMID CLUB, as well as presenting special (for now) one off tracks from PASSING, COLIN GORMAN, WEILAND, VIDEOGRAVE, ARIISK, CELLDOD, and SPATIAL RELATION in a cross-continental exploration of the dark side of the oscillator.

Various Artists: Strategies Against The Body Vol. 2

Pyramid Club - It's All Grey Various Artists
Passing - Sacrifice Various Artists
Celldöd - Hemliga Rum Various Artists
Spatial Relation - Infinitely Wary Various Artists
Tifaret - Lara Various Artists
Anticipation - Photograph Various Artists
Videograve - Dead Men Floating Various Artists
Collin Gorman Weiland - Indenture and Stone Various Artists
ARIISK - Candid Machine Various Artists
Xander Harris - Social Leather Various Artists

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