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The Hired Hands: A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne

Scissor Tail Editions SCTR043CD
  • 2CD: 6 Panel Digipak
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Compiled by Dylan Golden Aycock, Loren Connors, and Suzanne Langille, The Hired Hands is an homage to one of the greatest and most infamous guitarists alive, Bruce Langhorne.

His music has influenced and touched a lot of lives over the years, either through his soundtrack work with Peter Fonda or his studio work in the 1960s as the go-to hired hand for Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Odetta, and many others. Browsing his wikipedia page, one is informed of the volume of work he accomplished throughout the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

Scissor Tail Editions was lucky enough to release Langhorne’s score to Peter Fonda’s 1971 anti-western The Hired Hand on vinyl in 2012. Artists were asked to cover or reinterpret a song of their choice from the soundtrack. No rules were made on whether the music should be derivative of a certain song — if the soundtrack inspired a mood, then the artist could use their intuition.

Langhorne has come on hard times in recent years, having suffered a stroke that prevents him from playing the guitar. A large percentage of the profits for this tribute go to Langhorne and his family.


1. Paul Metzger - Opening 04:14
2. Lee Ranaldo - Harry and Hannah 03:35
3. Susan Alcorn - Hello Goodbye Hello 04:40
4. Steve Gunn - For Bruce
5. C Joynes - No Furthe
6. Loren Connors - Response to Windmill 03:24
7. Laura Ortman - Spring
8. Talk West - Riding Thru the Rain 04:32
9. Padang Food Tigers - Left Me For Harry 02:28
10. Tim Rutili (Califone) - in the clearing when the deer comes and the kid tries to keep as still as possible
11. Nathan Bowles - Windmill
12. Scott Tuma - Song in B
13. James Jackson Toth - Stumpranchers
14. Greg Anton - 3 Balls Blues
15. Tom Carter - Spring
16. Alan Licht & Steve Shelley - Ending 02:45
17. House and Land - Ocarine
18. Wes Tirey - Horsedreamer 04:27
19. Chris Corsano - For Bruce Langhorne
20. John Fahey - Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today
21. Eugene Chadbourne - Graveyard (Response to Dead Girl)
22. White Out - Another Windmill
23. Daniel Bachman - The Sound of the Sun 03:04
24. Nathan McLaughlin - Dust Clouds for Bruce
25. Matthew De Gennaro - The Payador's Dream
26. Marc Edwards - Riding Thru The Rain (Response)
27. Elliott Sharp - Eon Blur Changer
28. Dylan Golden Aycock - Three Teeth
29. Andrew Burnes - Arch Leaves
30. Boxhead Ensemble - The Eleventh Hour
31. Lake Mary - In The Garden (No Further Need)
32. Chuck Johnson - Mastic

Various Artists: The Hired Hands: A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne

Opening Various Artists
Harry And Hannah Various Artists
Hello Goodbye Hello Various Artists
For Bruce Various Artists
No Further Various Artists
Response To Windmill Various Artists
Spring Various Artists
Riding In The Rain Various Artists
Padang Food Tigers Various Artists
In The Clearing When The Deer Comes Various Artists
Windmill Various Artists
Song In B Various Artists
James Jackson Toth Various Artists
Greg Anton Various Artists
Spring Various Artists
Ending Various Artists
Ocarine Various Artists
Horsedreamer Various Artists
For Bruce Langhorne Various Artists
Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today Various Artists
Graveyard (Response to Dead Girl) Various Artists
Another Windmill Various Artists
Sound Of the Sun Various Artists
Dust Clouds for Bruce Various Artists
The Payador's Dream Various Artists
Riding Thru The Rain (Response) Various Artists
Eon Blur Changer Various Artists
Three Teeth Various Artists
Arch Leaves Various Artists
The Eleventh Hour Various Artists
In The Garden (No Further Need) Various Artists
Mastic Various Artists

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