Punish, Honey

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Bristol-based Seb Gainsborough Vessel returns to Tri-Angle with a revelation of a 2nd album. Completing the metamorphosis initiated on his stopgap EP for Liberation Technologies, the Vessel moves completely away from the dancefloor, eschewing techno for organic post-punk electronics more in line with acts like Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire than his label mates. Like a bottle to the back of the head, crashing cymbals open 'Febrile', a not-so polite warning that this may not be a smooth ride. The industrial chug of 'Red Sex' follows, a pitch-twisted tour through an automated factory on the fritz. The menacing 'Drowned in Water and Light' builds slowly, compelled by ghostly synths and dub-strength low end, while the percussive 'Euoi' rattles and shakes but stays on track. Despite sporting a tempo that's almost danceable, 'Anima' veers into the psychedelic, thanks to the hypnotic, pulsating drums, warped synth-riff and trippy organs. The ocean deep sub-bass of 'Black Leaves and Broken Branches' and the gorgeous textures of the title track sandwich the hyper-aggressive 'Kin To Coal'. Vessel wraps his second LP unapologetically with the searing stomper 'DPM', ending appropriately in a final fit of distortion.

Vessel: Punish, Honey

Febrile Vessel
Red Sex Vessel
Drowned in Water and Light Vessel
Euoi Vessel
Anima Vessel
Black Leaves and Broken Branches Vessel
Kin to Coal Vessel
Punish, Honey Vessel
DPM Vessel

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