What's Between

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25 year old multi instrumentalist James Kelly is, until now, best known as the sole permanent member and writer behind black metal outfit Altar Of Plagues, who have released two critically acclaimed albums on iconic labels Profound Lore and Candlelight. Using found sounds, homemade instruments and field recordings as a base, Altar Of Plagues create music “Full of radical tangents and alien-to-black metal elements, more focused on frailty and struggle than majesty and grandeur” – Pitchfork.

These ideas transfer to James’ solo recordings as WIFE. Embracing his long standing passion for electronic music the tracks on ‘Stoic’, his debut, limited edition EP which came out on left_blank in November 2012, showcase a diverse range of influences and are built to endure. The A-Side moves from the mournful, hypnotic opener ‘Bodies’, through the cold mantra of ‘Trials’, to the shuffling trickery of ‘Circles’. Side B contains the Gothic 2-step beauty of ‘Shards’ and the epic, industrial crescendo of ‘Endings’.

WIFE: What's Between

Like Chrome WIFE
Tongue WIFE
Heart Is A Far Light WIFE
Salvage WIFE
Dans Ce WIFE
A Nature (Shards) WIFE
Living Joy WIFE
Fruit Tree WIFE
Further Not Better WIFE

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