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WWWINGS consists of three members aged between 18 and 25, it Internet' from the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far East of Russia, it Eyne' from Siberia and it Daw' from Ukraine.

The three of them met on the Russian social networking site VK where Lit Internet and Lit Eyne formed a music blog, prior to their making music together.

Pre-WWWINGS Lit Eyne taught and collaborated with Lit Internet, creating a soundcloud page and posting a track per month, gathering interest and forming many international friendships with like-minded artists, some of whom ended up collaborating on this album.

After this, Lit Internet met Lit Daw who was already a skilled producer and in 2015 the three of them collaborated on the WWINGS' project, remotely, using the Russian instant messenger service Telegram.

WWWINGS' music straddles and sutures unlikely sounds and structures, often in the same tracks.

Musique concrète morphs into trap and trashcan drums, the twisting dramatic soundscapes of gaming soundtracks, Eastern European folk music, new metal, industrial noise and explosions everywhere.

This culture clash is hammered into something impulsive, dystopian and dripping in cold, alien slime

WWWINGS: Phoenixxx

Pyro (ft. Imaabs & Lao) WWWINGS
Aethereal (ft. Chino Amobi) WWWINGS
Lava (ft. Endgame) WWWINGS
Era (ft. Kastle, Born In Flamez & Gronos1) WWWINGS
Infinity (ft. Ebbo Kraan) WWWINGS
Melt (ft. Barla, Graves & Pope) WWWINGS
Fly (ft. Dj Heroin) WWWINGS

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