Walls / Oram

Sound Houses

Ecstatic ELP005
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Sound Houses" is an album that sees WALLS exploring the sonic archive of the late Daphne Oram - composer, inventor and founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Oram's otherworldly sonic experiments with synthesis and music concrete primarily in the 1960s were decades ahead of their time, her musical legacy unjustly overlooked until recent years when the increasing fascination of modern culture with all things analogue has cemented her status internationally as a pioneer and key figure in the development of electronic music and the recording studio.

Anglo / italian electronic duo WALLS were permitted to select choice recordings from Daphne's volumous tape archive of sounds following an commission from the BBC - these fearsome otherworldly drones, alien FX and violin and cello-esque tones were harnessed, shaped and sculpted into new forms, with additional augmentation of further synthesiser wash, guitar loops, found sound and treated voice by Walls to create unique new pieces of music that join the dots between 1960 and 2013.

Indeed the duo through their reading discovered Oram's fascination with Sir Francis Bacon's noted tract from 1640 'Wee also have sound houses' which Oram had pinnned to the wall of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop wall for inspiration. In his prophetic piece, Bacon can be seen to predict some of the workings of the modern studio, through flights of fancy and the idea of transformation of sound - ideas which ring through the years still today. "We found the poem immensely alluring and inspiring" explains WALLS' Sam WIllis. "the language is so magical it really resonated with us in its primal, and imagination description of sound"

The resulting album, 'Sound Houses' is a unique splicing of WALLSs' modern/vintage sound palette with Oram's 1960s futurism to create an unprecendented sonic journey for the listener "This has been an incredible experience for us to be involved with" explain WALLS "Daphne's sounds are so special and magical - it was a real priviledge and pleasure to collaborate with the treasure chest that is her archive"

Walls / Oram: Sound Houses

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