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Tar is the debut album from Australia's Weeping Rat, presented on CD by Handmade Birds with 6 bonus tracks exclusive to this release (including demos, B-sides, and rarities). This is brooding gothic rock that is genuinely one part danceable, one part crust, and two parts stark depression.

For fans of Bauhaus, Cold Cave, Have A Nice Life, Planning For Burial, Night Sins, French new wave

"Weeping Rat has developed from a death-rock outfit to a darker experimental four-piece band that takes elements of post punk, industrial and unadulterated weird shit. Their debut LP Tar fuses guitar and electronics with Jacob’s despondent lyrical outlook." - Noisey

Weeping Rat: Tar

Silk In The Water Weeping Rat
Illusion (Void) Weeping Rat
Come To Consciousness Weeping Rat
Satan's Bazaar Weeping Rat
Still On Its Way Weeping Rat
Coil Weeping Rat
Leather Wrapped Rabbit Hole Weeping Rat
Transparency Of Two Weeping Rat
Light Of The Moon (Bonus Track) Weeping Rat
Empty Hearse (Bonus Track) Weeping Rat
Funeral Train (Bonus Track) Weeping Rat
Deal With The Devil (Bonus Track) Weeping Rat
Ara Ish In (Bonus Track) Weeping Rat

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