Will Samson

Welcome Oxygen

Talitres TAL100LP
  • LP: Includes download
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After 7 years of consistent touring and new releases, Brussels-based Will Samson steps away from his familiar use of electronics and ambient soundscapes, to present his 4th solo album, "Welcome Oxygen". Consisting largely of guitar, voice & violin recorded onto tape, this is his most raw and direct work to date.

Will Samson: Welcome Oxygen

Shimmer (Day Two) Will Samson
Forestry (Day Four) Will Samson
Welcome Oxygen (Day Five) Will Samson
Old Roots (Day One) Will Samson
Find A Little Light (Day Six) Will Samson
O Medo (Day Three) Will Samson
Water Fall Diver (Day Zero) Will Samson
Holy Hollow (Day Seven) Will Samson

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