Puddle City Racing Lights

Melodic MELO049CD
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You might not know his name yet, but you soon will. Windmill – aka 26-year old Matthew Thomas Dillon – is emerging as one of the country’s best singer-songwriters, his music a heady distillation of US indie, early ‘70s melancholia and twisted folk-pop. Born and raised in Newport Pagnell, Dillon’s music has always been his escape. Puddle City Racing Lights may be his first ‘proper’ release, but it follows countless homemade albums recorded on a £140 four track and intended for only him and a few close friends to listen to.

'Strings and percussion, ominous echoes and soft, sweet choirs add richness to tales of asthmatics and fashion houses, plastic pre-flight seats and boarding lounges that you can't help returning to.' The Guardian

Windmill: Puddle City Racing Lights

Tokyo Moon Windmill 3'51''
Boarding Lounges Windmill 2'36''
Fluorescent Lights Windmill 5'20''
Newsflash Windmill 3'39''
Plastic Pre-Flight Seats Windmill 4'07''
The Planning Stopped Windmill 4'08''
Asthmatic Windmill 3'37''
Fashion House Windmill 3'05''
Plasticine Plugs Windmill 4'44''
Tilting Trains Windmill 3'32''
Fit Windmill 4'43''
Replace Me Windmill 2'53''
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