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"Unframe" is the debut album of the young Russian duo WOLS. A lively dubstep scene has been thriving for years in the Russian Federation, barely noticed in the west. WOLS are no copycat and bring more to the floor than just a bass whip. On "Unframe" you'll find majestic hymns ("International"), cut-up avant hip-hop beats ("Geek Rudohop"), dub tracks whose jittery cheerfulness is reminiscent of Aphex Twin ("Araamu's Army Vs. Our Sneakers") or their own unique electronica steppers with heart, soul, and the most wonderful pads ("Bathyscape Finds a Music Box"). But despite the occasional dreaming WOLS always focus on the floor, with their old Soviet vintage synths and drum computers holstered as sonic weapons.

"WOLS seem to have every base covered on Unframe but far from sounding confused, it actually comes together as a whole rather well. If these guys were based in the UK, people would probably be raving about them and rightly so." (thedigitalfix.co.uk)

"'Bathyscape Finds A Music Box', for instance, is gorgeous - hesitant and elusive, its alien shivers intertwining awkwardly with twitchy snares." (The Wire)

"...un des groupes les plus prometteurs du moment." (Benzinemag)

Wols: Unframe

Unframe Wols 1'04''
Aaramu's Army Vs. Our Sneakers Wols 4'42''
Geek Rudohop Wols 3'23''
Justma Wols 5'09''
Liquid Meets Discrete Wols 5'50''
Bathyscape Finds A Music Box Wols 2'55''
Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws Wols 5'47''
Hereinafter Wols 4'10''
Damage (Rework) Wols 4'48''
Half Ain't Enough Wols 5'00''
Taluppa Kids Wols 6'17''
Subland Hike Wols 5'01''
International Wols 4'00''
Shiny Headway Endrhyme Wols 1'36''

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