Shadow Medium

Opal Tapes OPAL088
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Kazan, Russias own YancityGurl follows an appearance on the U S S R compilation with his debut release on Opal.

Shadow Medium's 8 tracks present the producers fragile take on dance music, often, intensely bleak, soured and stalking while also incorporating his feelings for the globular bass sounds of contemporary deep house/tech and a saccharine UKG influence. Blaring, blackened synths (Denial, Reflection) are hosted in the same space as sweet vocal chops and bulbous bass (Colorado's Dream, Lowtions). It's never confused, it just glues together into his sound, lo-fi as it is, to me it sounds pissed off and ready to pop. In the artists words it's "elegant darkness".

YancityGurl: Shadow Medium

Overlap YancityGurl 4'28''
Isolation YancityGurl 8'14''
Denial YancityGurl 4'56''
Colorado's Dream YancityGurl 3'36''
Tender Pink YancityGurl 3'57''
Reflection YancityGurl 5'20''
Mess YancityGurl 4'42''
Lowtions YancityGurl 5'06''

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