Yearning Kru

Copper Vale

Planet Mu ZIQ371LP
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Yearning Kru draws inpiration from landscapes of fantasy worlds (both virtual and literary). Concentrating on the the 'world-building aspects,' YK creates environmental music, wich is digitally created, but sounds lo-fi and psychedelic as well - think Mike Cooper team up with Actress' Levantis project. The title "Copper Vale" hints at something "both pastoral and bucolic, a valley or secluded glade, but also recognising the industry and electricity that drives our world, something that is often set at odds against nature; also the genres of fantasy and sci-fi, that show ideas of past and future through these archetypal cultural ideas."

After some self-released tapes, this is Yearning Kru's debut album. It may be not too accessibe on the first listen and unfortunately one can be sure, it will be widly overseen - but in fact this one of the most impressive LP's we heard this year. YK is hailing from the UK, but lives in South Korea and Taiwan.

Yearning Kru: Copper Vale

Tslasher Yearning Kru
Tin Man Yearning Kru
Apple Dredger Yearning Kru
Relisher Yearning Kru
Sarnath Yearning Kru
Freckles On The Pain Amplifier Yearning Kru
A Chapel Under Static Yearning Kru
Mesa Gate Yearning Kru
Multipass Yearning Kru

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